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URLs: Creation and Management

Creating a URL

To create a new URL, from the WordPress Admin:

  1. Go to HighWayPro.
  2. Click on the “URLs” tab at the top of the dashboard.
  3. Click on the “NEW +” button located on the left sidebar.

A new dialog will appear. Enter the name of the URL, its path and optionally a base path. Click create or hit ENTER to create the URL.

Updating a URL

To update a URL field, simply click on the field you want to edit, enter the new value and click on a blank zone of the dashboard to save. A confirmation message will be shown when the value has been updated. This process applies to all fields within the HighWayPro Dashboard.

Adding a Base Path

To add a base path, click on the Base + field and select one of the available URL Types. A URL Type will be assigned to the url, along with its associated base path.

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