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URL Architecture: Destinations, Conditions and Targets

HighWayPro URLs have been designed to support multiple targets per url, with the objective to conditionally target users by a specific parameter, like the device they use or the country the are located in.

URL Destinations

To make this possible, HighWayPro URLs are composed of one or more Destinations. Every URL needs at least one Destination. A Destination is composed of an optional Condition and a required final Target.

Destination Conditions

A destination may contain an optional condition. Conditions are used to filter targets. When the condition of a destination is not satisfied, the target is discarded and the next condition takes control of the request. This process is repeated until a condition is met, or until there are no more destinations for the URL. When there are no more destinations left, and no condition was met, HighWayPro will send a 404 (Not Found) response to the client (browser). If your theme has a 404 template, it will be used by WordPress. When a condition is met, however, the remaining destinations are discarded and the target for the destination will be used.

Destination Targets

A destination target defines the final (long) URL to use for the request.

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