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The HighWayPro Dashboard

The HighWayPro dashboard is the place where you can manage your URLs, view statistics and update the available preferences.

The dashboard is powered by an API-driven UI. We have designed the dashboard so that managing your URLs feels like a natural, native experience. For this reason, you will not find a “save” button. Instead, the HighWayPro DashBoard is smart enough to automatically save your edits when you are finished with an action. HighWayPro will attempt to save when the element you are editing loses focus. For example, after typing text on a text input element, you just need to click elsewhere on the screen (or press the TAB key) to have the contents saved, if they need to. A notification will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen after your edits have been saved.

You may open the dashboard by going to the WordPress Admin Screen > HighWayPro (on the leftmost sidebar).

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