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Destinations, Conditions and Targets: Creation and Management

Adding a Destination

To create a destination for a URL, go to the HighWayPro Dashboard > URLs and open the url you want to add the destination to, click on the routes tab (this is done automatically when you first create a URL, scroll down to the destinations box and finally click on New Destination. A blank destination will be created. You may create as many destinations as you need.

Adding a Destination Target

In order to make the URL work correctly we need a destination target. To add a destination target, click on the target area of the destination you wish to add the target to. You will be shown a list of available targets. Click on the desired target type and enter the desired value. In this example, we will use a Direct Target and we will set it to google.com

A note on protocols

Please note, you are not required to set a URL with a scheme, eg: “http://”. However, when you do not set a scheme, the protocol of your domain will be used. For example, if you set: “google.com”, and your domain is https://example.com, then the url will be resolved as: https://google.com

The same process applies when you need to update the target.

Adding a Destination Condition

To add a destination condition, repeat the same steps as above, but clicking on the condition are instead. In this example, we will add a device condition that will only allow smartphones and tablets.

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