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How to add a base path to a short URL

Base paths come in handy when you need to group related URLs together and when you want to avoid conflicts with existing WordPress URIs, like those that are assigned to pages. You cannot save a URL with a multi-segment path (eg: /products/smartphones) as base paths (in this case, “/products”) are assigned to URL Types which are then assigned to URLs.

Creating a URL Type

In this example, we will be creating a URL Type called “External Products” that will have a “/products” base path. to do this, go to the “URL Types” tab and click on “+ NEW“. Enter a meaningful name (in this example, “External Products“) and optionally a base path. Base paths are optional, but in this example we will assign it a “/products” base path. Finally click on “Create” to create the URL Type.

After the URL Type has been created, open to the desired URL from the HighWayPro Dashboard and click on “Base +”. A menu with all available types will be shown. You just need to select the URL Type you want to assign to the URL and HighWayPro will automatically save the changes in real time. After using HighWayPro for some time, you will find the absence of a “save” button extremely useful.

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